January 12th, 2013 A.D.

Rants to Get You Through the Weekend

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So much insanity and so little time to kvetch about it; this is what keeps this curmudgeon fogging up the mirror each morning:

  • I’m not the first one to forecast that the next rung on the homosexualists’ ladder will be to remove age limits for sex between adults and children.  The admirable Father Zuhlsdorf  recently sounded the alarm on his blog site,, and there is no doubt other indicators and warnings will emerge in the months ahead.  Remember how we used to say, “Mothers, hide your daughters?”  Now we need to warn, “Fathers, hide your sons.”
  • While on the topic, I refuse to listen to any more tripe about the Catholic Church harboring pedophiles in light of the BBC harboring Jimmy Savile who over a period of 60 years assaulted over 450 boys, girls, and women.  Seventy-three per cent of his victims were aged under 18, and most were girls aged between 13 and 16.  While the ever-charming celebrity assaulted a number of victims on BBC premises, he also found easy pickings while on PR visits to hospitals and hospices.  Maybe if BBC personalities were allowed to marry these crimes never would have occurred.  Oh, wait; BBC personnel can marry.  Boston Globe, what sayest thou?
  • This is really rich (pun intended).  The President wants to mint a One Trillion Dollar coin that will supposedly make the national debt disappear.  I have a better idea.  Let’s create a huge platinum idol, call it the Great Favog, and encourage the citizenry to bow before it and beg for economic solvency.  It would have as much chance of working as the Obamacoin.  You don’t have to be an economist to see the absurdity in this any more than you need a degree in physics to know when you’ve dropped an anvil on your foot.
  • Remember Al “Save the Polar Bears” Gore, the guy who won the Nobel Prize by manufacturing a global crisis that remains questionable at best?  He must really believe in his crusade against fossil fuels and proved it once more by selling his tanking radio station to Al –Jazeera, founded by the royal family of Qatar which is one of the biggest oil producers in the world.  But that’s not the worst of it.  In selling out to Al-Jazeera, he has given implacable enemies of our country a foothold to further spread its anti-western bile.  Nice job Al.  You ought to go and join the polar bears for a nice, long swim.
  • Despite “global warming” this should really frost you.  The National Father’s Day Council has selected former President Bill Clinton as “Father of the Year” and he’ll receive the award at a luncheon this coming June.  Let’s see; he has one daughter, fooled around with an intern who was young enough to be his daughter, and is alleged to have attacked or fondled a number of other men’s’ daughters.  While that might qualify him as father of the year in our seriously disturbed society, I can name any number of men in my parish alone who would outshine the former president both as a father and as a man.
  • Oh goody; former Congressman Barney Frank wants to occupy John Kerry’s Senate seat when the Senator from Massachusetts becomes the new Secretary of State.  Memo to the former Congressman: Seriously, Barney, you worked far too hard single handedly screwing up the American housing industry and you deserve a long, uneventful, and especially private retirement.  Why not open a bathhouse in Vermont, sit back, and enjoy yourself?  A big slice of America would consider it a personal favor.

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